Current projects:

From Scotland To Russia with Love

One hundred years on from the revolution, Brian Cox travels to Russia to find out what connects the two nations.

Romance and Revolution - soldiers, architects and weavers, and the exchange of literary heroes, politics and football.

Subjects: Charles Cameron, Patrick Gordon, Walter Scott, Calton weavers, Robert Bruce Lockhart, John Maclean.

Archives:Podolsk - Diaries of General Gordon, who would save Peter the Great from two coups and helped educate the young tsar on military and naval matters. It was reported that the Tsar told Patrick “I gave you a handful of dirt, you gave me Russia.” The film follows connections between writers Walter Scott, Ivan Turgenev and Lev Tolstoy. In the village of Earlstone, we find a statue to the famous Russian poet Mikhail Lermontov. While back in Petersburg, on Vasilievsky island Andrei, explains how his family can be traced back to the weavers who found work at Scottish mills. These same weavers that first introduced Russians to football. The Archive of Putin’s FIFA acceptance speech reveals that the ‘father of football’ was Arthur Macpherson, and Fife- born footballer Robert Bruce Lockhart, hid another secret: a British spy trying to stop the Bolsheviks. Walking alongside the Neva there are more signs of Clydeside politics under the Soviets: “Maklin Avenue” after Scottish socialist hero John Maclean. International hostility could not separate these two nations.


When Theatre Changed Drama Forever

This film will chart the history of The Royal Court looking at its origins post WW2 through to the present day, studying the writers, directors and actors that contributed to this evolving face of British theatre, particularly in its struggle against official and unofficial censorship .The film will begin by investigating The Royal Court’s role in the battle with the Lord Chamberlain’s censorship act, and how it continued, after that act’s abolition, to evade the constrains of conservatism and celebrate the power of writing on stage.

Opening Skinner's box

Alan was honoured to be part of the devising team behind Improbable Theatre Company’s “Skinner’s Box.” An investigation in dreamtime of greatest behavioural psychology experiments of the twentieth century, which are no longer ethically possible. Names which should not be forgotten for their contribution to science: B.F. Skinner, Stanley Milgram, Harry Harlowe, David Rosenhan and Elizabeth Loftus.

Showing July 10 - 12 Lincoln Centre