The Great Beast in Russia:
Aleister Crowley and the Ragged Rag-time Girls

In 1913 renowned occultist Aleister Crowley, the wickedest man in the world, travels from the Old Tivoli in London's West End to the Tivoli pleasure gardens of Moscow, with his troop of seven Ragged Rag-Time girls. One raving nymphomaniac, three dipsomaniac-nymphomaniacs and two hysterical prudes from the East-End of London join Crowley on a treacherous journey which takes them through Eastern Europe on the eve of the First World War.

On board the train via Poland they conduct rehearsals for their production of "The Mysteries of Eleusis". After losing their luggage, losing some of their number and losing their minds, through absinthe induced hallucinations, they make it to perform at the Russian Court and return to found a Dance Academy in Hackney Wick.

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