(January 2011 - April 2011)

The documentary KOZMOS was chosen for distributor's market Berlin international Film Festival 2012 and shown at London Short Film Festival

We held an exhibition in Moscow, in the style of a sixties happening, to mark the anniversary of Man's first flight into Space 12th April 2011.

We staged a collaborative exhibition, with Russian and British artists, in a several spaces around Moscow, to mark this event.


We worked with digital artist and theatre director Sasha Malashev ( B.D.T. St Petersburg)


Photographer Ivan Boiko -


Film Director Petya Timofeev -


Theatre Director Judith Depaule -


We put together a slideshow telling the story of Yuri Gagarin (the first cosmonaut - first man in Space), and a video mix - showing some rare footage of the cosmonaut training exercises and as well as rare interviews with Gagarin. There were a further ten texts detailing the ten threats from the cosmos


We worked with DJ James Lavelle there were be ten compositions for the threats to the cosmos

  • radiation
  • changes in pressure
  • changes in temperature
  • prolonged weightlessness
  • centrifugal force
  • oxygen deprivation-food/water deprivation
  • reduced living capacity
  • isolation
  • landing

We added the work of Eduard Artemiev (composer) and Mikhail Romadin (artist), who oversaw the creation of a montage and homage to Solaris

(1972 - Andrei Tarkovsky) for which Artemiev wrote the music and Romadin designed the sets.

Dance of the cosmonauts

Gagarin Fairy tale