Royal Babylon

To coincide with the Diamond Jubilee of H.R.H. Queen Elizabeth II, the filmmaker collective at Handsome Dog have mixed the Best of British Rock, Punk, Pop and Electronic music with stills and archive footage, to create a multimedia exhibition of short films, (every one a crime), based on Heathcote Williams' investigative poem "Royal Babylon: The Criminal Record of the British Monarchy", the darker side of the British Royal family.

Heath cote Williams has been a poet and agitator on "the last few things worth discussing" since his early twenties and his poem "Royal Babylon" was published on the Internet in November 2011 to great acclaim and attention from fellow republicans Thom Yorke (Radio head) and Morris (Smiths) amongst others.

The current action against worldwide greed in the form of "Occupy" served as fuel to the Republican fire for Mr.Williams :

'There is a robust history in British Culture of anti-Monarchist feeling. I only hope that, since the information revolution, British People now have the courage to follow their artists' lead.

A phenomenal piece of work Jeremy Hardy

The poetic radical do-cu, is a really interesting genre and it deserves its own domain so that it is not marginalized Mike Figgis

Morning heafcoat…very apt presentation…may the last king be strangled with the intestines of the last pope Keith Allen