The Beast of Brexit by Heathcote Williams

Boris Johnson: The Blond Beast of Brexit – A Study in Depravity isn’t pornographic; the depravity isn’t sexual.

Drawing on biographies of the mayor of London by Sonia Purnell and Andrew Gimson, a great many newspaper articles, Johnson’s own journalism in publications from the Eton Chronicle to the Daily Telegraph and a few of his countless TV appearances, Williams assembles a blistering charge sheet against his target: climate change denial, dishonesty, hypocrisy, incompetence, racism, violence, ‘remorseless self-promotion’, ‘a ruthless and often cruel ambition together with an elitism and a ferocious temper when challenged’.

One reason for selecting Johnson is so we might better estimate what is ‘widely judged to be the heaviest hitter’ in the campaign for Britain to leave the European Union. The EU, ideologically still extols virtues, which no other politician in the current British government is prepared to name. It is in support of being ‘environmentally literate’, ‘anti-colonial’, ‘unaggressive’ and ‘unwarlike’. The British campaign to leave the EU, by contrast, is ‘led by a cadre of Conservatives who protest their love of country with a self-satisfied zeal … while they fight with a low cunning to conserve a depraved British body-politic based upon an unconscionable disparity between untold wealth and unspeakable poverty and upon the idle values of transient celebrity.’

'Beast of Brexit' is part of a wider trilogy, which includes the ‘Prime Minister and the Jellyfish and the 'Citizens Arrest of Tony Blair.’

With the release of the Chilcott report this year, the inquiry covers the run-up to the conflict and the subsequent military action and its aftermath, with the purpose of establishing the way decisions were made, what happened, and to identify lessons to ensure that in a similar situation in the future, the British Government is equipped to respond as best fits the interests of the country.

This was upstaged by the "Brexit" vote.

This report had already been subject to “Maxwellisation” which allows any person who is to be criticised, namely Tony Blair, a fair opportunity to comment on a draft prior to finalisation and publication. The report took seven years to publish, and while confirming there were no weapons of mass destruction, has yet to prompt any significant legal challenge to those who were involved.